Two teenagers death in City Corporation lake

Publish: 2:03 PM, June 3, 2022 | Update: 3:55:PM, September 6, 2023

Two teenagers went down to bathe and killed in the rescued canal and reformed lake by Narayanganj City Corporation. The incident took place at noon on Friday at Jallar Par area in the city.

Picture picked by Turag


The deceased have been identified as Imtiaz, 14, son of Iqbal Hossain and Mihad, 13, son of Zakir Hossain, exiled from Deobogh Madrasa mahalla. Both the victims were madrasa students and one of them was Hafez.


According to the information gathered, Mihad and Imtiaz, two teenagers, went down to bathe in the lake at Jallarpar area. After a while, the body of one of the victims was found floating in the lake and when no one was found, the nearest fire service personnel were reported.


Later, fire service stakeholders came and found the body of the second person after searching.



It is believed that the two teenagers came to Jallarpar from Deobhog Madrasa for bathing in the lake and drowned because they did not know how to swim.