Abed Sarkar – A potential young enterpreneur of Bangladesh

Publish: 12:33 PM, October 25, 2022 | Update: 4:37:PM, September 6, 2023


Abed Sarkar, a young Bangladeshi successful freelancer, was interviewed by the representative of The Narayanganj Page. Abed Sarkar’s thoughts and advice on educated youth and the future of freelancing in Bangladesh were discussed with our correspondent Tahamina Chowdhury Tania and the interview is presented below.


Q: Why did you go to the freelancing profession, why didn’t you go to another profession?

Answer: Freelancing is a career where there is nothing to feel bad about. All work can be done independently. Also, a transparent service can always be provided Which is not in any other profession.

In other professions you won’t be punished too much for your minor mistakes. That’s why many times we don’t give 100%. But a mistake in freelancing will cost you dearly. So you will do every work with 100% and transparency.

This is one of the reasons for choosing this profession. Besides, I want to do something independently. I don’t want to be dependent on others.

Whatever I do, I will do it for myself. The sub-charges that I will have in this will be fully myself . Through freelancing, I earn like hundred thousand a month even while continuing my studies, Which is unimaginable in the job market of Bangladesh. That’s why come to freelancing rather than other professions.


Q: What is the future of freelancing in Bangladesh?

Answer: The future of freelancing is very bright these days. As we are going to advance in the information technology sector, our freelancers is being increased by the potential.

According to a report published by the world famous Forbes magazine, more than half of the people in the United States are currently involved in freelancing. About $4 billion is added to the global economy every day through freelancing.

As a result, it is easy to imagine that the future of freelancing is very bright. There is a 100% chance of reducing youth unemployment here. If one can work diligently and patiently, his career will definitely stand up. Young people have also understood this.

So day by day the number of freelancers in our country is increasing. As a freelancer, I can say that the future of freelancing in our country is very bright.


Q: Do you want to do another job ?

Answer: Currently I earn around lakhs per month from freelancing. In some months this income is more. I am able to earn this money while continuing my studies. I can support my family. It is said that there are no lakhs of salary jobs in our country. However, the experience required is 15-20 years. So I will never leave such a good career like freelancing for another job.


Q: What is your advice for unemployed youth ?

Answer: The number of educated unemployed in the country is increasing day by day. It is easy to imagine that the prospect of a global recession in the coming year will further increase unemployment numbers.
Even though the youth of our country are getting formal education, they are not utilizing their talents properly. They are not making themselves experts in different subjects. I think today’s educated youth should make themselves skilled in various jobs. Instead of running after a job, you should make use of those skills and make a career in freelancing.

It may be a little difficult in the beginning. But slowly when the work starts coming and money is earned then the benefits will be easily felt.

At present, when a young person who has passed Honors-Masters starts a job, his salary is estimated to be 20 thousand taka. In some cases it is even less. But a freelancer can earn this amount of money in seven days. So instead of running after a job, learn freelancing and arrange your own job.


At last, when Abed Sarkar was asked about his studies, he said that he passed secondary school from Moharpara High School in 2015 from science department. Passed higher secondary from Narsingdi Model College in science department in 2017.

Abed Sarkar is currently studying in the Department of Multimedia and Creative Technology at the prestigious private Daffodil International University in Dhaka Bangladesh.

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