Own House dispossession in Hajiganj

Dalia Raj Dalia Raj

Special Reporter

Publish: 4:49 AM, August 26, 2022 | Update: 10:36:AM, April 20, 2024

By Dalia Raj

Ayesha (65) is a helpless middle-aged woman evicted from home due to the conspiracy of her husband, children and brothers and sisters. The incident took place in the area adjacent to Hajiganj Paper Mill area under Narayanganj Fatulla Thana.



Ayesha, the victim, told the media that her family members who are running the process of confiscating property in her name. The family threw him out of the house for property.


Ayesha is walking around the streets of the area hoping for justice for her unsafe and uncertain life.


She complained, Her husband Abul Mia (70) is living illegally in her house with her younger sister. The property taken from mother has no place to stay. Abul Mia who is Ayesha’s husband beat him for preventing an immoral relationship between Ayesha’s husband and her younger sister Masuda (45) and now she is without home.


Earlier, a written complaint was lodged at Fatulla Model Police Station on November 27, 2020. Against the complaint, S I Humayun, a police officer of Fatulla police station, tried hard to solve the domestic dispute. Despite the temporary decision, the oppression is not over, it is still going on.


She also said that his daughter has also turned away from her because she would been old. The elder daughter tried to accept the document by beating and closing the door.


Ayesha says I am running around as a Ferrari today with my life in fear of my life.


She Expect legal assistance again to live at home. In my old age, I want to live safely in my own house.