A terrible fire broke out in Fatulla from cotton and yarn factory

Publish: 8:19 PM, March 6, 2024 | Update: 8:19:PM, March 6, 2024

Today on Wednesday March 6, 2024, the fire broke out in a cotton factory at Payara Bagan in Del Para area of Fatulla.

Initially, it is believed that a terrible fire occurred in the cotton factory during the welding work.



Locals said that Shafiq Mia’s Genji factory made yarn from jute by processing. On this day, while repairing a machine in the factory, welding sparks fell into piles of jute and cotton and the fire spread immediately.
In no time, the entire factory including jute and cotton was burnt to ashes.


After receiving the information, four units of the fire service reached the spot and brought the fire under control after trying for about one and a half hours.


Fakhar Uddin Ahmed, Deputy Assistant Director of Narayanganj Fire Service and Civil Defense said, after informing the news, our fire service units went to the spot and tried to bring the fire under control for about one and a half hours.