A young man committed suicide at Bandar for a motorcycle

Publish: 11:51 PM, April 18, 2024 | Update: 10:28:AM, April 20, 2024


It has been reported that a young man named Md. Zubair (18) committed suicide by hanging himself because he was not allowed to buy a motorcycle at Bandar Thana in Narayanganj.


The incident took place in Kushiara area of Bandar Upazila last Wednesday April 17 at night.


On receiving the information, Bandar Thana police recovered his hanging body from the bedroom on Thursday morning.


The deceased Zubair is the son of Shahnewaz, a tenant of Nuruzzaman of North Kushiara village of Bandar Upazila in Narayanganj. Locals said that Zubair had been asking his father to buy him a motorcycle for last few days. it is not possible for the poor father to buy it and Zubair is proud with his father. Then on Wednesday night, he committed suicide by wrapping a towel with the ceiling fan of his bedroom.

SI Abhijit of Bandar Police Station informed that a death case has been filed in Bandar Police Station. The body was recovered and sent to the morgue for autopsy.