An exchange meeting held of third gender Rights Association

Publish: 4:01 AM, May 13, 2022 | Update: 11:38:PM, January 1, 2023

Yesterday on 12 May 2022 in the capital Dhaka an exchange of views meeting was held by Sachetan Hijra Adhikar Sangha.


The main theme of the exchange of views was – “They are the children of our society, they have the same rights as other citizens”.


At the meeting was present as a chief guest Lion HM Ibrahim Bhuiyan, Chairman of Federation of Bangladesh Journalists Organization (FBJO) and Social Environment and Human Rights Implementation Agency held at Sachetan Hijra Rights Office. The meeting was attended by Chief Operation Officer Ashish Kumar Dev of Mugda Police Station.


Speakers at the meeting said that the hijra community is a child of our or another parent. They have grown up in contempt and neglect in the family, relatives and society. They are a part of our society, people like us. The state has recognized them as the third gender.


If, like other citizens, their rights are granted to these third genders, if the state provides quotas for the employment of these third genders, then the society will be freed from the terror of transgender people. So, State, Society and all of us have to come forward with the attitude of cooperation towards this third gender.


When a child acquires the characteristics of the third sex during adolescence, if he is brought up in a loving and affectionate family without neglecting from us , then another transgender person or a person of the third sex will be not grow.


The meeting was attended by Salma Begum, a woman leader of Mugda Thana Awami League, Md. Abdul Baten Sarkar, Finance Secretary of Federation of Bangladesh, Dr. Saiba Jannat Hossain, Program Manager of Infectious Diseases Division of ICDDRB, Assistant Program Manager Mahbubur Rahman,Md.Hafizur Rahma Lecturer of Haider Ali High School and College.



The meeting was presided over by Ibn Ahmed Katha, Secretary of the association.

The meeting was co-sponsored by the president of the association Sravanti Hijra, Rabiul Islam Ravi Hijra, Sumon, Yasin, Kanak and others.