Finally Dr.Murad Hasan returned to the country !

Publish: 7:11 PM, December 12, 2021 | Update: 7:11:PM, December 12, 2021

Commenting on various controversial issues, Former State Minister of Information Dr.Murad Hasan become powerless and left Dhaka on a flight of Emirates Airlines from Shahjalal International Airport at 1:21 am last Thursday.


Following the leak of an audio conversation with the heroine and Controversial remarks, began rumors of his resignation. Later, He was forced to resign under pressure from the upper echelons of the government and he leave the country.

But after landing at Pearsons International Airport in Canada, he had to faced extensive questioning by Border Services Agency officials. At that time, they want to know about the recent political events in Bangladesh and Dr. Murad Hassan was informed that a large number of Canadians objected to his entry into Canada. After that, Murad Hassan could not enter Canada, so he flew back to Dhaka via Dubai transit.


Today, He landed at Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport on Sunday afternoon 12 December 2021 on Emirates Flight EK- 586.