The reflection of evaluation NASIC 12 No Ward

Publish: 5:35 PM, December 10, 2021 | Update: 6:02:PM, January 12, 2023

Although Missionpara has political location and housing sector importance in Narayanganj City, lag behind in terms of infrastructure and renovation of roads. For the last one decade, Mission Para was neglected in terms of development, though it’s location was in the City Corporation area.

For a long time there was no reform of the drainage system, there was no touch of development in the streets of the area.

To be continuous one hour rain would cause waterlogging in the Mahalla. Even in the last monsoon season, the people of the mahalla had to endure the hardships of waterlogging.

For a narrow drainage system, rainwater would stay for at least two to three days. As a result, school-going children, office-going men and women had to cross knee-deep water to go to school and work.

However, Ward Commissioner Shawkat Hashem Shakur made a concerted effort to reform the drainage system and extensive road development work in October last year.

As a result, the people of Missionpara are taking the benefits of the long term rainwater harvesting of the mahalla.

As the people trusted upon shaku for 12 no ward, he also proved to solve the problem improving road and drainage system of the Missionpara.