Visiting graveyard of Heroic Freedom Fighter Nasim Osman by Jagrato Narayanganj

Publish: 6:54 PM, December 24, 2021 | Update: 6:08:PM, January 12, 2023


Md. Robin Hossain, Founding President and Narayanganj City Corporation 13th Ward Councilor candidate with thousands of leaders and activists organized by social organization Jagrat Narayanganj visited the grave of late heroic freedom fighter Alhaj Nasim Osman with a large procession.


Today, on Friday afternoon, the huge Jagrat Narayanganj procession left the main road of the city such as Amlapara, BB Road, Galachipa, College Road via Sirajdaullah Road and at the end of Jamtola walk, the procession left for Narayanganj Central Cemetery to visit Alhaj Nasim Osman grave.


After reaching the graveyard, Surah Fateha, Durood and special munajat are performed for the forgiveness of the deceased. At the end of the munajat, deep respect was paid and silence was observed in memory of the heroic freedom fighter Nasim Osman.


That time, president and organizational secretary of 11 wards including the central committee of Jagrat Narayanganj and also Abdul Real Raja, chairman of Jagrat Narayanganj and editor of Daily Nagar Sangbad,Tulsi Ghosh, journalist Jamal Talukder, Jhalak, Emon, Shuvo, Jhinuk, Ronti, Saowrav and other prominent leaders and workers were present.