Sonargaon’s litchi great demand in the local market

Publish: 6:55 PM, May 15, 2022 | Update: 11:38:PM, January 1, 2023

Litchi is a juicy delicious seasonal fruit. This short-term fruit is widely available in the market during the honey and healthy Bangla Boishakh-Jaisthya month in Bangladesh.


Although the lychee of Chapai Nawabganj has a worldwide reputation, at present the demand for litchi is increasing every year in Sonargaon upazila of Narayanganj district, 24.50 km east-north of the capital Dhaka.



There is ample supply of litchi in the sidewalk fruit shops in Chashara of the district town. However, the comparative price is a little higher in Market.

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The characteristic of Sonargaon litchi is that it is full of red colour juicy. One hundred litchis are being sold at tk 500 to tk 600.


In the past, litchi trees were planted in the garden next to the house to meet the needs of the family in this area, but now due to the huge increase in the yield and demand of litchi, many people are coming forward to cultivate litchi commercially in Sonargaon.


As the weather was favorable this year, due to the high yield of litchi, the farmers are expected to get the expected price.