Competition should not turn into revenge : Jahangir Kabir Nanak

Publish: 1:20 AM, December 25, 2021 | Update: 4:58:PM, July 31, 2023



On the occasion of Subarna Jayanti of Independence and Victory Day of Mujibvarsha Central leaders spoke on behalf of Narayanganj City Corporation mayoral candidate Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy at a victory assembly organized at Rasel Park in Narayanganj City.


Today 24th December 2021 at 3:30 pm A FA MA Bahauddin Nasim, joint general secretary of Bangladesh Awami League said, Narayanganj is an important district for the Bangladesh Awami League. In any difficult time, the Awami League becomes one in time. On the instructions of the country’s leader Hon’ble Prime Minister, District Awami League and Metropolitan Awami League are united in today’s assembly with together. And this proves that Awami League is one and Identical.


Another central leader of Bangladesh Awami League and special guest of the victory assembly Abdur Rahman said in his speech, According to the intelligence report, Ivy will win the boat race with 67% of the voting. in the boat race, Narayanganj residents are ready to vote for Selina Hayat Ivy. He further said that the independent candidate who does not want to take the symbol of party, wants to win by fooling with the eyes of the people of Narayanganj.


Narayanganj City Corporation candidate and senior vice-president of Narayanganj district Awami League Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy said, Today I am grateful to the people of Narayanganj for bringing all of you together in this gathering in honor of the central leaders. She further said that Narayanganj is the starting house of Awami League, she paid tribute to the late leaders Samsujoha and Ali Ahmed Chunka. She reminded, Samsujoha Kaka ( Uncle) and Ali Ahmed Chunkar together their contribution to the Awami League during difficult times. Finally, she wishes blessings to all to keep the dignity of the Symbol of party upon him.

This photo taken in fornt of Narayanganj Morgan School and College.


Jahangir Kabir Nanak, the chief guest of today’s programme and presidium member of Bangladesh Awami League said Hon’ble Prime Minister wants to make a good start in 2022 through Narayanganj City Corporation election. Selina Hayat Ivy won the last election by a margin of 83,000 votes. This time he is hopeful that she will win millions of votes. The presence of district leaders and workers in today’s assembly proves this.There may be competition among the leaders but all the workers belong to Sheikh Hasina. He urged to keep an eye on the competition so that it does not turn into revenge. He added that voters should be brought to the center, going from house to house to seek votes for Selina Hayat Ivy.


At today’s assembly presided over by the Mahanagar Awami League president Anwar Hossain and there were present Awami League central leader Mirza Azam, Mozammel Haque, Narayanganj 2 constituency MP Nazrul Islam Babu, District Awami League President Abdul Hai, Secretary Abu Hassan Mohammad Shahid Badal, Mahanagar Awami League General Secretary Khokon Saha and other district Awami League and Mahanagar Awami League leaders.