Govt. two hospitals hostage by some doctors influence in Narayanganj

Dalia Raj Dalia Raj

Special Reporter

Publish: 3:13 AM, February 23, 2022 | Update: 5:36:PM, January 16, 2023

By Dalia Raj

Dr. Samsuzzoha Sarkar Sanchay, former RP Narayanganj 300-bed hospital is currently operating in Daudkandi, Comilla and Dr. Bidhan Chandra Poddar is currently working at Matuail Children’s Hospital, and so Dr. Sheikh Farhad Resident Physician Narayanganj General Hospital with a few doctors have taken two Narayanganj government hospitals hostage together.


According to reliable sources, they are controlling two hospitals by revealing the names of influential families but the influential family is not aware of this occurrence. Dr. Samsuzzoha Sanchay, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Poddar, while working in the 300-bed hospital in the past, the hospital was disputed as their ancestral property. There are allegations that many patients are waiting out of chamber of Dr. RP Sanchay while on duty in the hospital meanwhile
Dr. Sanchay and Dr. Vidhan are busy in the chamber discussing their personal interests.


The syndicate routinely held the hospital superintendent hostage under the influence of their swachip leaders and local influential family. True news was published against the misdeeds of Dr. mentioned in various newspapers of Narayanganj and then he was transferred. Despite being transferred, Dr. Sheikh Farhad is trying to exert its influence by revealing the names of influential families in Victoria General Hospital. The District Civil Surgeon was contacted but no connection was found.


There are also allegations that Dr. Samsuzzoha Sarkar, Dr. Vidhan Chandra Poddar, Dr. Sheikh Farhad, Dr. Yusuf Ali Sarkar are illegally extorting money from representatives of pharmaceutical companies in the name of Swachip and BM’s picnic.


The demands of the victimized civil society, The hospitals of Narayanganj should be freed from the influence of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Poddar, Dr. Samsuzzoha Sarkar who have been transferred.


In this regard, the Ministry of Health should intervene and take appropriate action through an impartial inquirinquir.